Crypto meets Meme Culture: get inspired for the Dopamine App Meme Contest

Create a unique Crypto Meme! Winners will have their memes minted as NFTs, plus receive some meme coins. To get some inspiration, here are some thoughts on meme culture and its significance in the crypto world

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4 min readApr 11, 2022
Dopamine App Meme Contest

We love memes, don’t you too? We bet you do, but have you ever wondered why they are so popular and powerful? Yes, memes are lots of fun but besides that, they are also an impressive tool of expression: they capture the moment, deliver insights into our current world and human behavior, plus they remind us that it’s not all that serious. The Dopamine App Meme Contest aims to promote crypto memes, and celebrate the creative talents in crypto people. So let’s dive in and get your creative juices flowing.

Where do memes come from?

While it was millennials who first created memes as we know them today: funny, sarcastic commentaries on anything around us, it was not them who invented the meme concept. The term “meme” is much older as it was coined by British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in 1976. However, this scientist didn’t invent memes either. He simply defined a cultural phenomenon that has existed forever. In his interpretation, memes are units of cultural information that spread and self-replicate in our society. By combining the Greek word “mimeme” (meaning “imitated thing”) and the word “gene”, memes translate into so-called “cultural genes”. Traditional jokes, sayings, quotes from books and films we commonly use in our conversations are all examples of memes.

What are memes today?

Memes have evolved to be an essential part of the Internet culture, that is why we have so many Internet memes today. They are a means of communication, a symbol of contemporary humor and also a way of easing our frustrations and worries, or making fun of anything we deem an overreaction. Internet memes spread and self-replicate much faster than traditional memes since they are amplified by the power of social media. Many Internet memes become viral thanks to the global community on social networks.

What does crypto have to do with memes?

Well, a lot is an understatement. Not only do they entertain us daily and channel the feeling of annoyance about, for eg. the volatility of the crypto market, the difficulty of making the right investments at the right time or some unfair circumstances, they do much more than that. Crypto memes make adept criticism about human follies and weaknesses in crypto traders and investors, like greediness, impatience, indecision, overexcitement or other irrational, foolish actions that may characterize the behavior of any of us sometimes.

In fact, some memes are so powerful that they have inspired the creation of meme coins like the Shiba Inu (SHIB) or the Dogecoin (DOGE). According to CoinMarketCap, there are around 300 meme tokens today, and their number keeps growing.

Dopamine App Meme Contest: your chance to become a celebrity meme creator

With Dopamine App, you can experience the success of your meme going viral. The contest is now officially open. The winners will have their meme minted with their Twitter handle or real name on it. Moreover, we will promote the winning NFTs and their creators on our social channels, plus distribute the NFTs to the Dopster community.

Create a unique crypto meme for a chance to get it minted as an NFT, plus receive meme coins.

As a WINNER, you will get 2 fantastic PRIZES:

1) Your meme will be minted as an NFT with your name on it (Twitter handle or real name as you wish)!

2) You will receive 112 million $SHIBA and 10.6 million $ELON.

Are you ready to become a superstar meme creator? More information about the contest, its rules and guidelines here.


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