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The first batch of the Dopamine referral program was a huge success, thousands of you participated already.

Now your points will be converted into $DOPE tokens if your referees meet some conditions

The essence and goal of the referral program is that fellow users who love Dopamine, share the app and its functionalities with their friends, and help grow the ecosystem, while at the same time are being rewarded.

At its core, Dopamine is the app for everything crypto: Information, Interaction, and Transaction. One of our visions is to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone in the world and the referrals program initiative brings us one step closer to this vision.

How to be eligible to the Referral Program

If all three conditions are met, your points will be converted into DOPE tokens after a coefficient is applied:

  1. Minimum swap of $0.10: You or any of your referrals must complete a swap of 10 cents minimum to be eligible.
  2. The referrals must not be fraudulent: We are checking all schemes used to log and create several accounts to disqualify fraudulent participants. If any of the participants are found to be fraudulent, no points will be given for the specific referral.
  3. Proof of social existence: the referees must prove that they are real by following our social media accounts.

The conversion of the points into $DOPE tokens will take place one month after listing.

How to get extra $DOPE

You will earn more DOPE if the size of the swap of you or any of your referrals is as follows:

  • If swap size = 0.10 to USD 10 then 1 DOPE per 10 points.
  • If swap size = 11 to USD 100 then 5 DOPE per 10 points.
  • If swap size = 101 to USD 1000, then 10 DOPE per 10 points.
  • If swap size = more than USD 1001, then 20 DOPE per 10 points.

Example 1: You invited friends and you have 500 points. Then one of your friends does a swap for USD 0.5. You will get 50 DOPE tokens.

Example 2: You invited friends and you have 500 points. Then one of your friends does a swap for USD 500. You will get 500 DOPE tokens.

Example 3: You invited friends and you have 500 points. Then one of your friends does a swap for USD 5,000. You will get 1,000 DOPE tokens.

We take into account the total USD value of the swaps made by you and the people you referred.


This conversion event will be the first of a series. So if your referees didn’t conduct any transactions, there will be other conversion events in the near future.

With all that said, refer your friends and teach them how to use Dopamine App!

Questions: Join the referrals Telegram Group.

  • Dopamine reserve itself the right to modify the terms and conditions of the referral program

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Dopamine App provides crypto-enthusiasts with all the tools they need to begin their journey in the crypto space. In essence, Dopamine is a non-custodial and technologically agnostic DeFi services aggregator. Within Dopamine App, users can access all the information they need, interact with their peers, transact on DeFi protocols and access their favorite crypto tools & project. With more than 3 million downloads and 1.5 million active users, Dopamine is one of the leading crypto apps. We are a fully decentralized team spread across three continents and a dozen countries — unified by a mission to build a world-class product.

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