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Alone we go faster; together we go further.

As a gateway to the crypto world and a technologically agnostic DeFi services aggregator, Dopamine always looks for new partners and synergies. Each step we take to build the leading crypto app, we encounter new projects, make new friends, and build a long-term relationship with them. One of the coolest ways we found to start building that relationship is creating co-branded NFTs and offering them to our communities. But those NFTs aren’t JUST NFTs; they are packed with utility.

Today, we will present the Dopamine NFT War Game, one of your homemade NFT functions!

Base game rules

The NFT War concept is simple, each NFT has a set of properties, and when you battle another user, the NFT with the highest score will win the battle. The NFTs will have five properties: Attack, Defense, Charisma, Stamina, and Magical Power.

To enter a battle, you’ll have to pick the NFT you want to battle with. After selecting one of your NFTs and pressing “Play” the server matches you with another user and picks one of the NFT properties to settle the battle.

For instance, if the server picks the NFT’s Attack as the decisive property, the NFT with the highest Attack will win the battle!

Ok, but what happens when I win? The winner will earn his opponent’s NFT!

To ensure that you always have NFTs to battle with, you’ll need to earn Referral Points.

Since we go further together, you’ll be able to create teams. When we release the NFT War, we will also create two leaderboards, one for individuals and one for teams. The players or teams that win the most NFT battle will stand at the top of the Dopamine NFT War leaderboard and get special in-app rewards!

How to access the NFT War

To participate in the Dopamine NFT War, you’ll obviously need to own some NFTs in your Dopamine wallet. There are two ways to get NFT War compatible NFTs:

  • You can claim an NFT during a Dopamine Partnership campaign (like the ones with Coach K or BitMEX)
  • You will be able to mint NFTs from Dopamine App

Claim NFTs

Nothing easier than claiming NFTs in Dopamine!

If you have doubts on how to do it, we made a simple guide for you! First, you’ll need to download Dopamine App (iOS - Android). Then, if it’s your first time with Dopamine, you’ll have to secure your account.

Once this is done, you’ll navigate the app to the Discover section, where you can find the “Claim My NFT” button for the current partnership campaign.

NFT Claiming button from the Satish Acharya x Dopamine Drop

Mint NFTs

To mint NFT War compatible NFTs, you’ll need to have some Referral Points in reserve. Right now, you can earn Referral Points by referring friends to Dopamine App using your referral link. Once the DOPE token listing happens, we will convert the current Referral Point balance into DOPE tokens.

In practice, all Referral Points earned between September 2021 and Sunday 6th of February 2022 will be converted to DOPE tokens, as we promised and according to the rules we created in September.

But, after Sunday 6th of February 2022, you’ll still be able to earn Referral Points by inviting your friends and family to Dopamine. The only thing changing is the purpose of those Referral Points!

After the conversion event, all the Referral Points will be used as an in-app currency to mint NFTs. To mint an NFT in Dopamine App, you’ll need at least 1 Referral Point.

Before minting an NFT, you’ll need to decide on the number of Referral Points you want to use to create the NFT. The chosen number of Referral Points will determine the overall power level of your NFT. You can burn all your Referral Points to create the ultimate NFT or create several to ensure you have NFTs to play the game continuously. Your choice!

When you mint an NFT, our algorithm will automatically attribute a score to your NFT properties, depending on three parameters

  • Number of Referral Points used for the mint
  • DOPE tokens balance on Dopamine App
  • Total wealth held on Dopamine App


Like all good games, the NFT War will get regular updates. And, we want YOU to decide which update you want for the game.

In the future versions of the NFT War, all compatible NFTs will act as governance tokens with voting rights. Those voting rights will allow you to be in complete control over the game’s evolution and vote on upcoming updates and additional features.

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